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Canada is home to millions of businesspeople who started their flourishing business in its business-friendly and supportive environment. To check the amazing and wide array of business services and favorable tax regimes, why not visit Canada and see for yourself?

This Business Visitor Visa program grants a visa to Indian businesspersons to visit Canada to discover business interests and opportunities. It is granted for a specified duration and allows the business visitor to visit any province in Canada and experience Canadian culture and environment.

Primary Criteria for a Business Visitor Visa

A business visitor needs to submit the necessary documentation for fast and accurate processing of the visa including:

  • Copy of Indian Passport
  • Temporary Resident Visa granted to the Indian businessperson
  • Explicitly agree to adhere to all Canadian laws including their terms and conditions
  • Copy of a clean criminal record with zero convictions
  • Copy of a clear medical certificate
  • Adequate documents to prove that the Indian applicant’s primary source of income and location are outside Canada
  • Business Plan and schedule of activities planned once the business person is granted access to enter Canada

What can a Business Visitor Do in Canada?

On entering Canada, a business visitor can do many activities including:

  • Discover and forge new opportunities for their business and continue current business relationships
  • Network with their Canadian counterparts in companies with which they have existing business relations
  • Perform sales, product development and other business activities in Canada on invitation from a Canadian company
  • Perform and complete any business-related activity in Canada
  • Participate in business, trade conferences and seminars
  • Discover and explore Canada’s tourist attractions and culture

Business Visa program is a complicated one and may need adequate time and effort to manoeuvre.

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