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Visiting Canada should be high on your itinery as it simply abounds in natural beauty and manmade novelties. Located in North America, Canada counts the United States as its primary neighbour. Canada is an alluring country, with an abundance of tourists from countries across the world.

Natural beauty, glaciers, sparkling freshwater lakes, livable and friendly cities, warm and welcoming people, Canada has a lot to offer to the discerning traveller. Whether you are visiting Canada for leisure, travel, study or meeting your relatives, you are sure to have a good time.

What are your reasons to visit Canada?

Coming to Canada is a process which requires certain travel documentation. The Government of Canada has a laid down process to apply for a visa based on the primary reason of visit. Reasons for the visit can be many including:

  • Visiting family members in Canada for more than six months
  • Entering Canada for tourism, study, or visiting family for up to six months
  • Visiting for business-seminars, business meeting, conference
  • Transiting through Canada

Which visa do you need to visit Canada?

As per the Immigration and Citizenship Council rules, Indian citizens need a visa to enter Canada. The type of Visa is based on the primary reason for the Indian applicant’s visit.

  • Temporary Resident Visa program – Indian applicants who wish to enter Canada for less than six months for business or tourism purposes can apply under this program. So, if your family members live in Canada and you want to visit them, you need to apply under this program. Do note that the Temporary Resident Visa allows you to stay in Canada for a period of six months only. Any stay above six months require a visa extension. Click here to know more.
  • Business Visa program – Indian nationals can visit Canada for a specified duration to advance their business interests with top-class Canadian companies. If you are visiting Canada to explore new or existing business opportunities, attend trade seminars, business conferences, then the Business Visa is to be applied for by the Indian applicant. Click here to know more.
  • Super Visa program – Under this Visa program, parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can come to Canada and stay for an extended duration. Frequent visa renewal will not be required as the Super Visa is a multiple entry visa granted to the Indian applicant for ten years. The holder of the Super Visa can make multiple visits to Canada and can live in Canada for two years in one visit, with no need to renew their status. Click here to know more.

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