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Are you considering to apply for a work visa to pursue employment in one of the world’s most developed countries?

Do you seek a high standard of living and highly developed life and work environment for yourself and your family?

A work permit is the first step if you want to work in Canada.

There are many different kinds of work permits in Canada ranging from open and closed. Many of them even have work restrictions which have to be adhered to by the work permit holder.

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Types of Work Permits

Any Indian national has to apply for and receive the work permit before entering Canada. A separate entry visa to Canada may be required based on the circumstances of the case.

There are a number of entry visas through which an Indian national can consider entering Canada. Click here to know more on Visit in Canada.

For a few persons, a work permit is received when they are selected by a Canadian employer and obtain a pre-arranged employment. In this situation, the Canadian employer applies for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

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Why Should You Consider Working in Canada?

Canada is a developed country which affords its citizens and residents a high standard of living. It has a growing and fast developing labour market with space for thousands of skilled and talented professionals.

Millions of immigrants and Indian nationals who came to Canada on a work permit ultimately made Canada their home.

You may have concerns about coming to a new country and the associated challenges involved with it.

It is advisable to understand your skill set, education and experience and how to correctly match it to the Canadian employers who are hiring.

Getting your education and work experience validated in Canada and understanding the Canadian labour market is an essential step in this process.

There are many potential advantages of coming and working in Canada. Some of them are:

  • Accumulating increased points in the professional/express entry immigration category (when you make an application for permanent residency)
  • Creating favourable impression on your permanent residency application irrespective of which immigration stream you apply in
  • If applying under a provincial nominee program, this will increase your points

Get More Information on How to Work in Canada

There are many routes to successfully applying for and obtaining the work permit to work in Canada:

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