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Temporary Resident VisasCanada has a Temporary Resident Visa program that allows you to enter Canada legally for business or tourism purposes. If you want to visit your family members in Canada for less than six months, then you need to apply for this visa.

All Indian citizens require a Temporary Resident visa to enter Canada.

Key Features of the Program

As per recently introduced Visa rules, the Canadian government has mandated citizens of 29 countries to give biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) at the time of visa application. India is not a part of that list as of now. So, Indian citizens do not require to give biometrics, at the time of applying for the Temporary Visit Visa.

It is advisable to note that the Temporary Resident Visa enables you to stay in Canada for a period of maximum six months. Any additional stay is not allowed unless a visa extension is applied for with the correct documentation and reason for the extension.

This Visa is not a work permit. If an Indian national obtains a Temporary Resident Visa, it does not entitle them to work or study in Canada. It simply allows an Indian national to enter Canada as a tourist.

Alternatively, a work permit allows an Indian national to enter and stay in Canada for employment purposes. In cases, where an Indian national comes to Canada on the Temporary Resident Visa and looks for employment, they will need a work permit from the designated authorities like the Canadian Consulate or the High Commission.

Types of Temporary Resident Visas

  • Single Entry Visa – This type of Temporary Resident Visa allows for a single entry into Canada for the Indian national (up to a maximum of two years)
  • Multiple Entry Visa – This type of Temporary Resident Visa enables the Indian national to come to Canada any number of times during the Visa validity period (with a single stay duration going up to a maximum of two years)
  • Transit Visa – This type of Temporary Resident Visa is for Indian nationals who need to enter Canada for less than 48 hours and are making a stop before travelling further to another country.

What are the travel requirements?

There are few basic travel requirements which you need to satisfy before you can consider travelling to Canada.

  • Possess a valid travel document- passport
  • Have good health
  • Possess a clear record, no criminal or immigration associated convictions should be present
  • Possess necessary financial resources to support yourself for the stay in Canada
  • Demonstrate proof of ties in India – job, family, financial assets, property which will make you return to India after your visit is over
  • Invitation letter from a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • Provide all documents for the visa application

Do You Need A Medical Examination?

If an Indian national is visiting Canada for less than six months, a medical examination is not needed unless you are planning to work in specific jobs.

If you are planning to visit Canada for more than six months, a medical examination will be needed if:

  • You have stayed over six months in certain specified countries in the last one year from the date of entering Canada
  • You are a parent or grandparent of a canadian citizen or permanent resident and applying for Super Visa
  • You are going to work in specific jobs in which public health needs to be protected.

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