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Canada has established the Super Visa program with a goal to enable family reunification for all its citizens and permanent residents.

Are you planning to get your parents to Canada?

This Super Visa program is the perfect immigration program which allows the parents or grandparents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens to come to Canada.

The parents and grandparents can stay in Canada for up to two years at a time without the need to get their visa reissued or getting an extension.

Salient Features of the Super Visa

In a normal visit visa, an Indian visitor can stay up six months in Canada in one entry. Whenever the visitor wants to stay on for a longer duration, additional documentation is needed and they need to apply for a visa extension.

Conversely, with the Super Visa, the Indian national can continue living in Canada for a maximum period of two years from the date of entry. The Super visa holder does not need frequent renewals.

A Super Visa is usually issued for a maximum period of ten years and allows the visa holder to visit Canada multiple times with no maximum limits.

What are the primary criteria for a Super Visa?

An Indian national applying for a Super Visa needs to ensure that complete and correct documentation is submitted including:

  • Demonstrate proof of relationship with the Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada in the capacity of a parent or grandparent
  • Successfully meet all Canadian visa requirements
  • Explicit evidence from the invitee (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) that their income is above the minimum limit
  • A written statement from the invitee (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) that they will be financially supporting the visiting parent or grandparent
  • Purchase a medical insurance policy of minimum $100,000 from a private Canadian company for minimum one-year validity (coverage should include hospitalization, medical treatment and deportation)
  • Copy of medical examination done
  • Parent and grandparent need to demonstrate proof of relationships and assets in India (stocks, bonds, real estate, pension payments)
  • Additional documents stating the Super Visa holder’s visit purpose and their financial status
  • Canadian citizen and permanent resident need to provide an invitation letter to the visa applicant

What Are the Top Reasons for Rejection Of A Super Visa Application?

In a few cases, the immigration authorities can reject a Super Visa application including:

  • Criminal record of the Super Visa applicant makes them inadmissible to Canada
  • Any facts concealed or misrepresented or omitted altogether in the Super Visa application can be a reason for rejection
  • Lack of relationship proof documents
  • Lack of good health or being afflicted with an illness can be a reason for rejection

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