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Ireland, the ‘Land of scholars and saints’, promises great opportunities for prospective students. Many great luminaries of our history have emerged from Ireland including James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and Jonathan Swift. So, its no wonder that Ireland is the ‘Celtic Tiger’ among education destinations.

Study in Ireland

Ireland Education

When it comes to education, International students are oblivious to the wonderful opportunities offered by Ireland. This country is still spreading its wings in the realm of education. But it does not mean that the scope is less. The educational system in Ireland has its own strengths. The low living costs and medium of instruction makes it a global destination.

The relaxed visa restriction makes it one of the most promising destinations. You are more likely to get an Ireland visa stamped than any other country. Another reason behind relaxed visa restriction is the decreasing population which can hamper the country’s future prospects. So, authorities are encouraging foreign students to pursue courses in Ireland and contribute to the future economy.

Universities and Colleges

There are some good world-class institutes in Ireland. Trinity College in Dublin has to be the most prominent choice here due to its history, courses on offer and the international prestige it commands. Founded in 1952, it is the oldest in Ireland. Other notable choices include University College Cork, National University of Ireland, University of Limerick and University College of Dublin.

For the technical courses, Dublin Institute of Technology is the prime choice. There are other good institutes including Athlone Institute of Technology and Waterford Institute of Technology.

Education System

There is a gamut of courses on offer in Ireland. From short term certificate courses to higher Master’s courses, almost every field is covered by the Irish universities. Engineering courses are popular among international students. No wonder that Ireland ranks as the largest IT services exporter in the world.

Some Facts about Irish Education:

7 Universities
14 Technical InstitutesThe bachelor’s degree and diploma courses are the most popular among technical courses. Students can easily get good internships and training with renowned international employers after study


Indian students easily secure admission in Irish universities due to our English education system. Consult our experts for more detailed list of colleges and universities.

Start of Academic Year – September
End of Academic Year – JuneThe full academic year consists of two or three semesters.

Required Tests

English language proficiency tests are required including IELTS or TOEFL. A good academic background plus decent finances further improve your chances of admission into an Irish university. Irish universities do not require GRE for admission. Scholarships are also available for international students.

Further Information

Getting admission into Ireland universities require proper processing. Let our expert study visa counselors in Ludhiana guide you about every step of the Ireland admission process.

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