We, at Nanda & Associates, are a team of expert immigration counselors in Ludhiana assisting you in securing student visa Canada. Our work doesn’t end here in India. Rather our experts will keep on guiding you after you reach Canada or complete your studies there. From work permit to visa extension, you’ll find us standing next to you at every stage.

Canada is known for its excellent academic institutions and education quality. The high standard of living along with numerous job opportunities beckons thousands of students every year. It provides a dynamic multicultural environment to the students belonging to different backgrounds. Around 200,000 foreign students and researchers head to Canada to complete advanced and basic education.

Apart from higher education college students, a large number of students come to Canada to pursue short-term courses or even for schooling. All international students entering Canada can work on-campus. They can also file for visa extension without exiting the country.

Basics of Canada Student Visa

Canada study permit allows the foreign students to study in Canadian institutions. This document is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and valid for a stipulated period of time. Study permit is the foremost need for studying in Canada. But there are a few circumstances that can exempt foreign students from this study permit requirements.

Canada student visas are classified under the temporary Canada visa category. It means that after the study period, the applicant has to either leave the country or have to extend their visa. They can also switch to a different visa category (e.g. federal skilled visa) to ensure their further stay in Canada.

Study Visa & Permanent Residency

Applicants entering the Canada under student visa do not directly qualify for Canada permanent residency. However, they can do so if they fall under the federal skilled or work permit visa category. After studying, if the students qualify for the pre-defined categories of work visa, students can switch to different immigration category and then apply for work permit. This route can then lead to permanent citizenship in Canada within some years of completing their study.

Eligibility for Study Visa

Applicants with a valid unconditional admission offer letter from a recognized Canadian educational institute can proceed to immediately submit the Canada student visa application.

Conditions to qualify for a Canada study visa:

  • An unconditional admission offer letter from a recognized Canadian college, school, university or any other educational institution.
  • The applicant has to submit proof of sufficient funds to cover educational costs, living costs and other required financial implications for international route this students.
  • In addition, the applicants should submit sufficient evidence of returning to home country upon completion of study approachable visa. Ties to the home country have to be justified.
  • Pass a medical test as required.

Our Canada Study Visa Assistance Program – What We Do

At Nanda, getting a successful student visa is an everyday success story. We have helped students successfully secure Canadian visa along with a host of other immigration aid. We deal in comprehensive visa guidance for Indian students. We guide students for:

  • Career Counseling
  • Course Recommendation
  • University Selection
  • Admission Guidance
  • Pre-application document preparation
  • Securing admission letter
  • Scholarship Guidance
  • Admission processing
  • Statement-of-Purpose
  • Financial Assistance
  • Preparing financial statements from banks
  • Fill up applications forms
  • Canada Visa application help
  • Visa mock interview preparation
  • Travel Assistance
  • Forex Assistance
  • Pre-Departure Guidance
  • Guidance upon reaching in Canada

At Nanda, we remains regularly updated with the newest Canada visa regulations, rules and latest visa documentation requirements. We Specialize in SPP (Student Partnership Program) that helps in securing admission in numerous courses in Canada. The competent staff at Nanda & Associates helps students comprehensively to get study visa from various high commissions with guaranteed success.

Canada Study Visa Application Process

Canada has a very structured visa application process for every immigration route. Yet, it’s the professional approach of Nanda Lawyers that spell success. We assist students with the complete range of services required to file Canada student visa application.

Students reapplying after a rejected Canada visa make the glaring mistake of filing the application with the same documents that got them rejected. We provide this clarity during application with our approved documents check list. The guidelines are given as per the financial documents and the visa filing process. Here are some of the documents required for Canada student visa application filing process:

  • Bank Loan Approval Letter copy
  • Pay slips and bank statements
  • Evidence of sponsorship
  • Financial documents
  • Miscellaneous travel documents
  • Sufficient knowledge of English
  • Good character certificate
  • Medical reports
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Canada Student Visa Application Form
  • Processing Fee Payable via bank draft
  • Valid admission offer letter from university/college
  • IELTS/TOEFL Test Score Sheet
  • Copy of work experience
  • Copies of academic documents
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size color photograph

Study in Canada without Study Permit

The following conditions can subject you to study in Canada without a study permit that includes:

Individuals won’t require study permit to pursue short term courses of six months or less. The course must be completed within six months as the authorities will not grant any visa extension. It is recommended to acquire study permit if foreign students wish to work or continue their study in Canada after completion of course.

Minor children of temporary students, workers and citizens of Canada are allowed to study at pre-school and secondary level are permitted to study in Canada without study permit. Side Note: This exception is not meant for the children of unauthorized temporary institute educational workers or students in Canada.

Family members and the private staff of foreign diplomats do not require a study permit. A family member is:

  • Spouse or lawful partner
  • Dependent child of spouse or individual
  • Dependent child of dependent child

Members of foreign armed forces nominated state under Visiting Forces are allowed to study without permit in Canada.

Canada Study Visa – Step by Step Procedure

  • First, a student needs to determine the study program and institution he/she wishes to study at. We help here with complete career counseling sessions.
  • After selecting one or more institutions, you need to carefully review their admission procedure. The applications with complete documents are sent to the institutions.
  • After obtaining the admission, you need to apply for Canada study permit. Students from certain nations might require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada. It is required by CIC and make sure you apply for both timely.
  • After application is submitted, the response arrives within 1 month or so. It can take longer depending on the number of visa applications in the CIC office. Once approved, the student should immediately take next steps.
  • Foreign students would be required to undergo a medical examination and a police clearance certification.
  • Students willing to study in Montreal or in any other city of Quebec, will require approval from immigration authorities of Quebec.

After Arriving in Canada

After landing in Canada, foreign students are required to maintain their student permit and acquire work permission.

  • Students must renew or change their study permit status during their study course in Canada, if they want to extend their stay. Make sure you apply for renewal before it expires.
  • Whether you are eligible for working or not, it depends upon the program you have chosen.

Off Campus Work Permit

Students holding a valid study permit or have completed their six months study are eligible for off-campus work permit. This provides students an excellent chance to earn while studying. Our immigration consultant in Ludhiana can assist you in obtaining off campus work permit.

Post-Graduation Work Permits for Foreign Students in Canada

Student must have studied under a study program for eight months and have graduated for an authorized institution. Students can apply for the work permit within 90 days after getting confirmation letter from academic institutions. CIC has made this program more flexible and approachable. If you have any doubts regarding this program, feel free to consult our expert immigration advisors in Ludhiana.