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Student Direct Stream ProgramIntroduced in June 2018, the Student Direct Stream Program was announced by Canadian Immigration department for students immigrating to Canada.

Administered under the purview of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the goal of this program is to ensure faster processing of study permits of students applying from India, China, Vietnam and Philippines. Prior to the introduction of this stream, individual study permit application programs were available from these four countries.

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Eligibility Criteria

Under this program, students who are legal residents of the specified countries can apply for student permit applications:

  • India
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines

Students, who are citizens of a country, but reside in another country, cannot apply under this program. The normal study permit application process is suitable for them.

Know More About the Program

Under the Student Direct Stream, the applicant needs to submit adequate documentation which is required for successful processing of the study permit.

  • Copy of an acceptance letter as issued by the designated learning institution
  • Copy of medical exam clearance
  • Copy of the necessary investment required in the form of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) worth $10,000
  • Supporting documentation of full payment made for first year tuition fees
  • Copy of successful completion of high school
  • Documentation supporting the successful clearance of language proficiency requirements in English or French

The above documents are submitted to IRCC who then approves the application subject to accuracy and completeness of the documentation.

If the application is approved, certain documents are issued to the applicant by IRCC:

  • Introduction letter (this needs to be exhibited at the port of entry in Canada, on demand from the immigration official)
  • Valid study permit allowing the applicant to legally stay in Canada till completion of the school year
  • Temporary resident visa which legally enables them to enter Canada

A detailed letter with the refusal reasons is sent to the applicants whose application gets rejected.

IRCC has announced that more countries may be included in the Student Direct Stream program in the future.

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