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Maintaining Your PR StatusAn Indian national with a permanent residency of Canada is free to enter and exit Canada as they wish. They are allowed to live, stay and work or study in Canada for as long as they want.

The only requirement is to maintain the PR status and ensure its legal validity at all time. They need to adhere to the legal rules after receiving the permanent residency of Canada. Any time the legal rules are not adhered to or violated, the permanent resident status is liable to be revoked.

Permanent Residence Card

Your permanent resident status in Canada is validated by the Permanent Resident card issued to you by the federal government.

It also serves as documentary evidence of your legal status and can be asked for at any time.

In any eventuality, if the PR Card gets misplaced, lost or stolen, you will need to apply for a travel document from the nearest Canadian high commission. This travel document will be needed to enter Canada.

Rights and Responsibilities as a Permanent Resident

Each permanent resident has defined rights and responsibilities. They are majorly the same as that of citizens of Canada with a few exclusions.

All permanent residents are eligible to study, live and work in any province in Canada. They also receive all provincial and federal social benefits like health care. Permanent Residents are also tax-paying members of the community.

The law doesn’t give permanent residents the right to vote, run for office, and the right to hold government or national security jobs.


It is mandatory for all permanent residents to carry their permanent resident card at all time whenever they enter or exit Canada. In its absence, they should have the permanent resident travel document (PRTD) with them.

This document is mandatory to be carried otherwise the permanent resident can experience long travel delays while travelling by trains, boats, bus, cruises and flights.

If a PR Card is due for expiry, do remember to get it renewed well in advance.

A new application for a stolen, lost or misplaced PR Card should be made immediately once the event happens.

Permanent Residents Residing Abroad

The permanent residents staying abroad need to abide by the legal rules to maintain their PR Card and its status. To maintain their PR status in Canada, they are required to stay in Canada for at least two years out of the last five years.

The federal government can revoke a PR card if the permanent resident remains outside Canada for more than two years or violates any other rule. There are some exceptions if the stay abroad is required for study, work or business reasons.

Permanent Resident – Losing the PR Status

There are various situations in which a permanent resident may end up losing their PR status. Such a situation comes with its legal implications as well. The federal government may not consider you a permanent resident in the below situations:

  • When a permanent resident voluntarily gives up their permanent resident status
  • When a permanent resident has a removal order against them enforced
  • When a permanent resident becomes a Canadian citizen

How We Can Help

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