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Stay in CanadaAn Indian national is eligible to stay in Canada in certain situations. They are allowed to stay if they are a permanent resident, a citizen of Canada or have a valid permit to work, study or visit Canada.

Even while you are in Canada on a work permit, study permit or visitor visa, it is imperative that you maintain your legal status at all time.
It is advisable that all the necessary renewals of the permit or visa are applied before the expiry of the current one.

To know more about the different options to stay in Canada and their implications.

Permanent Residence Applications – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Council grants permanent residents the status to live, work and study anywhere in Canada. Permanent residents have a special status and are considered at par with citizens of Canada except for a few rights. They can also live in Canada indefinitely and can enter and exit as they please.

Permanent Resident Card- A Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) is issued to every permanent resident of Canada. It serves as a proof of their Canadian permanent resident status. Anytime an Indian national who is also a permanent resident of Canada, enters or exits Canada, they always need to have the PR card with them.

Maintaining the PR Status – An Indian national with a permanent residency is free to enter and exit Canada as they wish. They are allowed to live, stay and work or study in Canada for as long as they want. The only requirement is to maintain the PR status and ensure its legal validity at all time. They need to adhere to the legal rules after receiving the permanent residency of Canada. Any time the legal rules are not adhered to or violated, the permanent resident status can be revoked.

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