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Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

Canada’s spousal sponsorship programs have seen significant changes in recent years. The changes have been introduced to improve the visa processing and also to curb negative implications of spousal visas. These changes have now made a direct impact on all those who plan to enter Canada through spousal sponsorship.

It is mandatory for the sponsored spouse or partner to live together with their sponsor in a legitimate relationship, under one roof, for at least 2 years. After this period, the sponsored person immediately gets permanent residence status in Canada.

Timeline For Spousal Sponsorship Application

  • First Year – The applicant lands in Canada and then applies for a Permanent Resident Status in Canada. If the applicant was married or was present in a common-law partnership with his/her sponsor for a duration less than two years before the couple actually submitted their spousal sponsorship application (and also if they do not have any children in common) then the applicant is considered a ‘Conditional Permanent Resident’ who should stay married to his/her sponsor and live with him/her at the same place for at least two years after the completion of which the applicant becomes a Permanent Resident.
  • Second Year – For the title of ‘Conditional Permanent Resident’, the requirement of a continuous marital status and ‘sharing a shelter’ with the sponsor is lifted.
  • Third Year – Now, the sponsor cannot be held accountable for any social assistance that the immigrant might plan to receive.
  • Fifth Year – At this stage, if the relationship falters, and the immigrant and sponsor plan to separate divorce, the immigrant is eligible for sponsoring a new spouse or common-law partner.

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