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Spousal, Partner, or Child Sponsorship

Spousal, Partner, or Child SponsorshipIn this immigration stream, an Indian national who is a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their child, spouse or parent.

There are three distinct categories available under this program-spousal, conjugal and common-law partner sponsorship. Each distinct category has its own legal consequences and can be applied in one of the two ways:

  • Overseas sponsorship – designed for a partner or spouse residing outside Canada
  • In-land sponsorship – designed for a spouse or partner residing within Canada

Application Process Under the Program

  • The permanent resident or Canadian citizen makes an application to the immigration department with an “intent to sponsor” and also files sponsored application simultaneously.
  • The immigration department approves or disapproves the application to sponsor
  • Successful completion of a medical examination

Sponsoring a child has certain rules to be followed. Only children less than 22 years of age can be sponsored and they should be unmarried too. Children over 22 years of age can be considered for sponsorship in case their mental or physical condition makes them financially dependent on their parents.

Eligibility Criteria for a Sponsor

A sponsor needs to fulfill certain factors which include:

  • Possessing citizenship or permanent residency of Canada
  • Is eighteen (18) or older in age
  • Is resident of Canada or has an intent to reside in Canada after successful approval of the sponsorship application
  • If the sponsored applicant wants to reside in Quebec, then specific regulations of Quebec have to be abided by

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