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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Canadian Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence ApplicationsImmigrants are an integral part of Canada and welcomed and valued by all. Eventually, immigrants become permanent residents and ultimately citizens of Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Council grants permanent residents the status to live, work and study anywhere in Canada. Permanent residents have a special status and are considered at par with citizens of Canada except for a few rights. They can also live in Canada indefinitely and can enter and exit Canada as they please.

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Know More About Permanent Residency

A permanent resident status can be obtained by applying under many different immigration categories including:

  • Family Class
    The family class category includes sponsorship of spouse, common-law partner, parents, dependent children and other family members for permanent residency of Canada.
  • Economic Class
    The economic class category includes Indian nationals applying for permanent residency in Canada with an emphasis on employment or investor status.
  • Refugee Claims for Permanent Residency
    Refugee claims includes people who have applied for permanent residency under compassionate and humanitarian grounds. Asylum seekers are included here as well.
  • Express Entry Program
    Express Entry Program includes a variety of streams under which permanent residency can be applied like a federal skilled worker, federal skilled trade and Canadian experience class.

The Next Steps

After applying for and obtaining permanent residency, the Indian national can apply for citizenship of Canada after successfully complying the rules of permanent residency.

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