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The Quebec Immigrant Investor ProgramIndian nationals with an intention to live in Quebec and agree to make a passive investment of $​1,200,000 can apply for permanent residency under this program.

In this Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, the Indian national needs to invest the amount through an authorized financial institution.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

The potential investor and his/her spouse need to possess a minimum of $2 M. This amount of investment excludes any donation amount in the last six months, counting from the application date.

An Indian national mandatorily requires few attributes:

  • The minimum net worth of $ 2 million
  • Minimum two years of management or business experience relevant to the profile obtained in the last five years counting from the date of application
  • Agree to make a passive investment of $ 1.2millions which will bear no interest and is guaranteed by the government
  • Should have an intention to settle down in Quebec

Know More about the Program

Recently introduced modifications in 2018 require the business persons to make a passive investment into certain approved investment routes.
The applicants in this program only need to make the investment as per above specification; they don’t need to start or continue any business in the province of application.
Quebec grants a successful selection certificate from the provincial government to the chosen applicants.
These applicants are then scheduled to pass the criminal and health checks. After successful clearance of these checks, the Federal Government of Canada grants them the permanent residency of Canada.
The aforesaid investment has to be made with Investissement Québec for five years, post which the capital amount is returned to the investor without any interest. The five year period is to be counted from the date of issuance of the selection certificate.

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