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Provincial Nominee Program-EntrepreneurIndian nationals can start a business in Canada and apply for permanent residency under the various Provincial Nominee Program- Entrepreneur programs. They can start new businesses or even purchase existing businesses in different provinces.

Mid or High net worth Indian nationals can apply for permanent residency of Canada under many provincial nominee-entrepreneur programs. These Indian nationals need to have the adequate entrepreneurial experience to qualify under the provincial programs.

The provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward, Yukon, Nova Scotia and many more have their provincial nominee program for an entrepreneur.

Application Process of PNP-Entrepreneur Programs

  • The provincial programs are managed by different provinces and have a built-in two-level process which leads to permanent residency.
  • The selection process for applicants includes assessing whether they meet the specific program requirements or not. The province selects or nominates applicants who successfully clear the program selection criteria.
  • The shortlisted applicants then make an application for permanent residency to the Citizenship and Immigration Council of Canada
  • IRCC grants permanent residency if the required security and criminal checks are successfully cleared

Different provinces have their distinct immigration programs designed for business persons from abroad. The selection criterion for different programs is different which includes active participation in a business or its management, with a specified number of jobs created or investment made.

Though the different provincial programs differ in their selection criteria, the net worth mandated by the majority of the programs is a minimum of $350,000. The applicants also need to possess a suitable management experience.

Many provinces also require the shortlisted applicants to create and submit a goodwill deposit. This deposit is usually refunded after the business gets properly established.

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