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Canadian Experience ClassIndian workers who have worked for a minimum of one year in Canada are welcome to apply for permanent residency under this Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

Canada always has a warm and welcoming attitude towards its immigrants and wishes to invite more immigrants through this program. Indian professionals who have already worked in Canada are prime candidates for applying under this program as they are already well versed with the Canadian labour force.

Theses Indian professionals have established relationships with their employer, friends and family in Canada which makes them well-suited to immigrate to Canada.

The application process for Canadian Experience Class

The application process starts with the Indian applicant creating their profile online in the Express Entry system. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invites the shortlisted applicants to apply for permanent residency.

Who can be considered under Canadian Experience Class

  • Indian national with at least one year of technical, skilled or professional work experience in Canada in the last three years (students cannot include co-op work terms or self-employment)
  • Meet the language proficiency standards in either English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)- based on job nature and type)
  • Intention to reside anywhere in Canada except the province of Quebec (separate experience class program is present for Quebec)

The Indian applicant’s profile enters the pool of candidates once the minimum requirements of the program are met. Indian nationals present in Canada are eligible to apply under this program. Indian nationals applying from outside of Canada need to do it within three years of the last date of their Canadian job.

International students from India often apply under this program which is a straightforward and simple way to receive permanent residence in Canada. The process is simple and can be followed by most of the international students.

International students are on a study permit until the end of their study period. Then they are eligible to apply for a postgraduate work permit once they find work with a Canadian employer. On completing one year in the specified work field, they become eligible to apply for permanent residency in this program.<\p>

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