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Intra-company transfers allow company management officials to work seamlessly throughout the globe. If you are thinking of transferring your current senior manager, foreign executive or specialized employee to your company’s operational facility in Canada, then you will need to complete an ‘intra-company transfer’ where the participation of the HRSDC is omitted.

Qualify for Intra-Company Transfers

In order to qualify for intra-company transfers, it is mandatory for the company to provide proof that they are presently, and will continue in future, to actively conduct business operations in Canada and other foreign countries. If your company is planning to further expand its work operations within the Canadian market, the applicant can also request for a work permit. In such a situation, the Canadian enterprise can also play a crucial role on their side by supporting their applicant’s role in their respective operations.

The Process

A person can obtain his/her work permit in advance from either any of the ‘Canadian Visa Offices’ or a ‘Foreign Canadian Port Of Entry’. However, if your company’s employee is visiting Canada as a ‘visitor’, then the work permit can be requested at that time.

Whatever the case may be, having the guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer who has deep knowledge in this field is greatly advised. Intra-company transfers are indispensible for any business, since it can help the business grow. In such cases, a lot of in-depth research and concerted effort is required in order be successful in this aspect of immigration. It therefore makes sense to seek the proper guidance of an experienced and reliable Canada immigration firm in India for success in intra-company transfer immigration applications.

Pre-Requisites For Intra-Company Transfers to Canada

Proof of Citizenship
Outline of Pre-Arranged Job in Canada including:

  • The duration of stay of the employee.
  • Description of the employment status – executive or specialized knowledge.
  • Proof of relationship between the Foreign and the Canadian employers.
  • Proof of previous employment with the former organisation like:
    • At least for 1 continuous year in the last 3 years.
    • Proof of similar post that is offered in Canada.
    • Durations of Intra-Company Transfers to Canada.

Generally, work permits under this criterion lasts for a duration of 3 years. Intra company transfer into your Canadian office is valid only for a year. The extension can be utilized for a further period of another 2 years.

In the case of ‘Executive Transfers’, extensions can be permitted for up to 7 years in total. Applicants that arrive on ‘Specialized Knowledge’ basis are allowed work permit extensions for, at most, 5 years during which they are expected to pass their skills to the local labour resources.

Nanda & Associate Immigration Lawyers for Successful Intra-Company Transfers to Canada

If transferring important company employees to an existing Canadian branch is your company’s priority, then you are already aware that the immigration process can be quite complex and confusing. Choose our experienced immigration lawyers to efficiently handle your application and guide you through the entire process.

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