How to Apply for Spousal Work Permit When You Are Going to Study In Canada

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How to Apply for Spousal Work Permit When You Are Going to Study In Canada

How to Apply for Spousal Work Permit When You Are Going to Study In CanadaWhen you are studying in Canada, wouldn’t it be great to have your family with you? Applying for a spousal and dependent visa makes it possible to reunite with your family when you are in Canada.
Canada places great emphasis on family reunification and has many immigration streams aligned specifically for this. Processing of family class applications is done on priority by Canadian Visa offices.
Since the Canadian Government has plans by which you can bring your spouse and dependents to Canada, you can apply for it and happily live together in Canada.

How can your spouse or common-law partner apply for a work permit if you are a student in Canada?

If you wish to bring your common-law partner or spouse to Canada, they can apply for an open work permit. This open work permit will allow them to work full-time or part-time for the duration of your study permit. They will be able to work and gain valuable Canadian work experience while you complete your studies.
The work permit application can be made even before your spouse arrives in Canada. Once this permit is received, your spouse will not need any other job offer letter or labour market opinion along with it. In fact, many times study permit applications are submitted along with work permit applications.

What are the minimum criteria to apply for your spouse’s work permit if you are a student?

The requirements for your spouse’s work permit are based upon your occupation and differ across occupations. For your spouse to apply under for the work permit when you are on student visa, you will need to fulfill certain criteria such as:

  • Possess a valid student permit;
  • Be registered as a full-time student in any Canadian public post-secondary college or university or the collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in the province of Quebec;
  • Be a full-time registered student at a private college or university which has more than 50{d624a71c40f7f821b66cf2e0e37f1221325a07122cb62ee0d50962a819c1ae6f} financing from government grants and operates under the rules followed by public institutions
  • You can also be registered as a full-time student in a Canadian private college which confers degrees as authorized by its provincial statute

What are the benefits of Spousal Work Permit?

Once your spouse’s work permit application is successful, the tenure of the work permit remains the same as that of your study permit. So, effectively your spouse’s work permit is valid till the date of validity of your student visa. This open work permit will also allow your spouse to work in Canada even before they have a job offer from any Canadian employer.
Entering Canada with a work permit have many benefits. Apart from you being reunited with your spouse, they will be able to gain work experience in any Canadian company. Any kind of work or employment can be undertaken with no reservations. With a minimum residency requirement of three years, you both will also be able to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency and then the coveted Canadian citizenship.