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Canadian Permanent Residence Application – Family Class Sponsorship

Family SponsorshipAre you looking to rejoin your family member who is an Indian national living & working in Canada?

Family Sponsorship has family reunification as the primary goal and is managed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). In this program, the permanent residents and citizens of Canada can sponsor their family members in India to come and live with them in Canada.

The sponsor also assumes responsibility for making the sponsored relatives settle down in Canada. The relatives are not required to satisfy any minimum standards or criteria to be eligible for the program.

Selection Criteria for Sponsorship

The sponsored relatives who are eligible for sponsorship may include:

  • Spouse, common-law partner and conjugal partner over the age of eighteen (18)
  • Dependent parents, children, grandparents
  • Children, adopted, being considered for adoption or under the guardianship of sponsor (should be below eighteen (18) years of age)
  • Nephew, niece, sister, brother, if orphaned
  • Grandchildren, orphaned grandchildren (unmarried, under eighteen (18) years of age and not a part of a common-law relationship)

Duties and Responsibilities of Sponsors

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act has laid down selection process for sponsors as sponsoring is considered to be a legal obligation with specific responsibilities.

A sponsor needs to be above the age of eighteen (18) years and a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

Sponsors residing abroad, need to show clear proof of intent to live in Canada once the application of the sponsored relative is successfully accepted.

A sponsor should not undertake any criminal offence or declare bankruptcy. They also need to demonstrate proof and declare that they will be supporting the sponsored relative after their arrival in Canada for three to twenty years. The sponsor also agrees to reimburse the government for any social assistance amount given to the relative.

Know more about how a family member can be sponsored below:

Adoption of Children

If you are adopting a child from abroad, it is advisable to partner with the concerned government agency who is mandated to support in the entire adoption process.

Adoption needs to be approved. Once the approval comes in, you can start with the immigration process and sponsorship of the child.


Every sponsored applicant and their dependents are required to clear a medical examination successfully. The dependent needs to clear the medical examination irrespective of whether or not they are accompanying the sponsored applicant.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has physicians who are approved to perform these medical examinations. The reason for this step is to reduce the burdens on the healthcare sector in Canada.


Each applicant sponsored or being considered for sponsorship, above the age of eighteen (18) is required to obtain a Clearance from the Police from each country where they have resided for six months or more.


All rejected sponsorship applications are sent with a detailed letter with the reason of refusal outlined therein. This letter is sent to both the sponsor and the sponsored applicant. The sponsor can also file an appeal for rejected applications.

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