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Was your visitor visa to Canada refused, recently?

It is important not to be disheartened. You can consider many options available such as reconsideration, appeals, and re-application.

Appealing the Visa Refusal

Can you appeal a visitor visa refusal? If you have recently received a Canada visa refusal letter, do not be discouraged.
A refused visitor visa can be appealed based on certain considerations. You and your immigration lawyer can file an appeal if you have reasons to believe that the immigration officer made incorrect decisions by refusing your application. The reasons can range from them acting unfairly, beyond their jurisdiction or against the law.
The appeal will need to be made in the Federal Court of Canada through the judicial review process. Time is of primary importance in this kind of appeal, so it is vital that you decide whether or not to take this route.

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Requesting Reconsideration

Visa rejection is not final. You could request the immigration department to reconsider your application if the same was refused by citing misinterpreted or incomplete information. Do make sure that you submit all the supporting documentation and relevant material information in your response. Consulting an experienced and skilled Immigration Lawyer will help you to make a strong response.

Making a Reapplication

You can also consider a new application if you support your reasons with adequate documentation this time. In case of any change in your personal situation, you will be able to submit additional information to support your new application.
Reviewing your refused visa application will help in understanding how you can strengthen the reasons of refusal.

If you had failed to include sufficient documentation of your assets in India, make sure in the new application, the existing and any new assets are adequately mentioned.

Most Common Reasons for Canadian Visitor Visa Refusal

There can be many reasons for a visitor visa refusal including but not limited to:

  • The unclear reason of visit
  • Insufficient personal assets in the home country
  • Vague or inadequate documentation supporting the case
  • Unstable employment situation of the applicant
  • The disconnect between the length of stay and the fund’s availability
  • If strong family ties are present, an individual application may be refused
  • Lack of travel history
  • Lack of supporting documentation of host (Canadian permanent resident or citizen) in Canada
  • Any previous overstaying history in Canada
  • Lack of legal status in the home country
  • Other possible reasons
  • Understanding Canadian Visitor Visa Rules

TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) is a detailed visa screening process with standard processing time ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months. It has relatively high refusal rates that can rise further if you happen to apply on your own.

The application process for Temporary Resident Visa can be challenging. With a lot of personal, family, and work information requested, it can be tough to make sure that all supporting documentation is present with the application.

In the visitor visa application process, there is no formal face to face interview. The immigration officer will be basing their decision based on the availability and sufficiency of the documentation attached to the application. With a skilled lawyer for visa application appeal present, your chances of getting approval for the Canada visa can substantially go up.

How We Can Help

Are you looking for a proficient lawyer for visa application rejected? Having a capable and qualified immigration lawyer by your side will help you to determine the best strategy to take your case forward and get that coveted Canadian Visitor Visa. They will help you to understand the reasons for a visitor visa refusal.

Connect with Nanda & Associate Lawyers today to know how you can apply for a new visitor visa, reapply or request reconsideration for a visa refusal or make a reapplication for your Canadian visitor visa. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers and immigration consultants will assist you in securing the Canadian visit visa and fulfilling your dreams of business, travel or visiting your family.