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Student Visa Denied, Higher Education in Canada

Did you know that approximately 30 percent study permit applications are refused annually by the Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC)?

From the lakhs of Indian students that apply for studying in Canada, many have their student visa refused. Even though you may be accepted into a Canadian school, this may happen. When your dream of studying in Canada experiences a roadblock, you need not be dejected. Let’s review the possible options which are available.

What Are the Options If My Study Permit Application Is Refused?

You have two primary options to consider once IRCC refuses your study permit application.

Appealing the study permit refusal

Review the visa refusal letter with your knowledgeable Immigration lawyer, who can suggest you the way forward. Consulting the letter will help you understand the detailed refusal reasons that can be backed up with substantial evidence in the reapplication.

Making A New Application Addressing the Reasons of Refusal

Appealing to the federal court can be an option. It can be time-consuming and costly, so needs to be done carefully. An appeal may not be suitable in all situations, and it will not give you a visa approval. To get your visa approval, you will need to reapply.

Before you select the option to go ahead with, it is essential to review why your study visa application was refused. Upon consulting with a skilled Immigration Lawyer, you can also request access to the notes made by the visa officer at the time of reviewing your file.

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Common Reasons for Canada Study Permit Visa Application Denied 2019

A student visa application can be denied for multiple reasons. At the time of making the student visa application, many factors are to be noted such as:

  • Lack of sufficient documentation that you are financially stable and able to support yourself while studying in Canada. You will need to show funds covering your tuition fees for the entire study period, living expenses. In case you are planning to bring any family member with you, their finances will also need to be demonstrated with sufficient evidence (applicable for normal student visa application); If the application is done under the student direct stream, then this will not be applicable as the proof of funds is shown upfront
  • Lack of a clear picture of your law-abiding nature and past criminal record – you will need to show that you will not pose any threat to Canada’s security
  • Lack of good health and the absence of a medical examination
  • Insufficient documentation to prove that you will leave Canada at the end of your study period. This can include showing strong ties in India or a plan to work in India
  • Failure to select a program of study connected to your future goals and past study choices.
  • Complete documentation showing acceptance in an approved Canadian post-secondary institution is necessary. Beware of fake institutes, where you may get a seat to study, but your study visa may get refused.
  • Incomplete travel documents or irregular travel history not supported with adequate documentation can also be a reason for rejection

Student Direct Stream

Under this program, students who are legal residents of the India, Vietnam, China, Philippines can apply for student permit applications: The students, who are citizens of a country, but reside in another country, cannot apply under this program. The normal study permit application process is suitable for them.

When applying under this immigration stream, a student needs to provide documentation proof of the necessary investment required in the form of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) worth $10,000. The supporting documentation of full payment made for first year tuition fees also needs to be attached.

If you have made an application under the Student Direct Stream, a reapplication is not allowed in case of a visa refusal.

How We Can Help

Having a capable and qualified immigration lawyer by your side will help you to determine the best strategy to get that coveted Canadian Study Visa. Experienced Lawyer for student visa rejection reasons will help you to understand and craft a suitable strategy for applying or appealing against a student visa refusal.

Connect with Nanda & Associate Lawyers today to know how you can apply for a new student visa or make a new Canada student visa application. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of lawyers and immigration consultants will assist you in securing the Canadian student visa and fulfilling your dreams of studying in one of the most developed countries in the world.