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Undesirable Risks resulting from Canadian Colleges Partnership- Ontario Report

In a provincial government report released recently, the Globe and Mail discovered that public and private colleges Canada partnerships to pose considerable risks to not only students interest but the province and the quality of education as well. This report, released under the freedom of information legislation has enormous direct and indirect unimaginable consequences for the future of the province education standards. Quite possibly, this partnership program could have also breached the primary purpose and intent of Canada’s federal immigration strategy and policy directives. Commissioned by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD), this report ultimately imposed a moratorium...

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How To Apply For A Temporary Resident Visa in Canada?

Are you planning to visit your friend or relative in Canada? If yes, you must fulfill the requirements needed to file a temporary resident visa application. Though visitors are always welcomed, there are still some prerequisites that are not at all easy to achieve. It's advised to go through all the terms and conditions to prevent any future hassles. Procedure To File A Temporary Resident Visa If you are an applicant who is seeking an entry to Canada with a temporary resident visa, then make sure all the forms are filled correctly. Arrange all the original and photocopy versions of the necessary...

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5 Important Questions That You Should Prepare For Study Visa

In study visa process, a study plan is very crucial either you want to pursue a degree or diploma. When you are applying for study visa, you must be well-prepared with “Study Plan” for which you wish to immigrate to Canada. In this plan, there is a list of questions that you have to answer for the successful processing of your application. If you want to achieve your goal of studying in Canada, you can also hire a team of expert immigration counselors for proper guidance until the completion of your studies. You must read these important questions related to your...

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