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Caregivers Program – Canadian Immigration Pathway to Permanent Residence

CaregiversIndian nationals in Canada can apply for permanent residency under the Caregiver program if they are providing at-home care for childcare, seniors or people with disabilities.

In this program, the caregiver lives in with the care receiver as per the mutual agreement between both the parties. The employer also submits the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to IRCC and does not deduct any boarding and lodging expenses from the caregiver’s salary.

Eligibility to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence as Live-in Caregiver

  • An Indian national caregiver with an LCP work permit is eligible to apply
  • An Indian national caregiver where the live-in arrangement has been agreed to and written in the LMIA can apply

A caregiver can apply for permanent residency in three different ways in this program:

  • Childcare – an Indian national caregiver with at least two years of experience in providing full-time child care in a Canadian home can apply
  • People having high medical needs – an Indian national caregiver with at least two years experience in working as a home support worker, nurse, nursing aide in Canada can apply
  • Live-in arrangement – an Indian national caregiver with at least two years of work experience in the live-in caregiver program in Canada can apply

Employer’s Eligibility Criteria

  • The employer is not able to fill the open position of caregiver with any suitable Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Employer having the financial capacity to pay the caregiver’s wages
  • The employer has a requirement to keep the caregiver in their house and consequently makes a job offer to them to care for a person with a disability, senior or child

Caregiver’s Eligibility Criteria

  • Should be a part of the Live-in Caregiver Program
  • Needs to continue in the live-in working arrangement

Application Process of the Program

Once the caregiver has been shortlisted, the next steps will follow as and when due from the employer:

  • Make an application for an LMIA
  • Make an application for the caregiver’s new work permit
  • Revise the LMIA application to include the live-in arrangement

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