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Nanda & Associate Lawyers is always ready to help students in choosing the best career path with the right career guidance. No matter, you are planning to apply for a study program in any foreign country, we are here to assist. With so many career options available and in demand, it often becomes quite confusing for students to choose the right career. Without seeking any professional guidance, they generally end up making the wrong choice.

If you are confused about which career to choose after high school studies, our career guidance experts in Ludhiana can guide you through the maze of queries to make sure you opt to study what you are interested in. Since applying for higher education is a big decision, we stand by your side so that you won’t have to regret later.

What Includes Our Career Guidance Approach?

Our career counselors are skilled and experienced enough to help identify your professional goals and areas of interest, thereby enabling you to take the right academic decision. Our approach includes:

  • Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback
  • Career Planning & Guidance
  • Academic Choices & Pre-requisites
  • Resume Building Recommendation
  • Guidance on Tests & Target Scores
  • Critical Personality Analysisdefault value
  • Advice on Skills & Certifications
  • Leveraging Your Resources & Goals
  • Evaluation of Career Opportunities
  • Real Time Knowledge Sharing
  • Time Management Skills & Advice

Once you have selected the institute for your higher studies, leave the rest on us. Right from filling up the admission form to getting all the paperwork ready and applying for a visa, our immigration consultants in Ludhiana are here to assist you.