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A Labour Market Opinion is basic step in the process of recruiting foreign workers in Canada. A LMO or Labour Market Opinion document provides the basis to companies and authorities for drafting foreign worker policies as well. This document will act as a reflection of your hiring problem – it will depict the need of additional labour in your region, which the local residents cannot provide.

Steps For Approval To Hire Temporary Foreign Workers

  • For getting an LMO pre-approval, complete your request application and submit it at your nearest Service Canada Centre where the foreign worker applications can be processed. To make your request a success, let our experienced immigration lawyers handle the entire application draft and submission procedure.
  • Once a decision has been drafted regarding the request you have made for LMO pre-approval, our immigration lawyers will then immediately contact Service Canada to fetch the notice on your behalf. We will then explain the decision that has been taken and will advise on next step considering the outcome.
  • If the decision is positive, then your company can immediately start the process of recruitment foreign labour. Once our lawyers have collected the details of your workers, they will then submit them for approval at Service Canada.

With every worker who gets approved by Service Canada, a positive LMO is issued along with it. At this crucial stage, our team of Canadian immigration lawyers will diligently work in parallel with your company so as to submit the required documentation stating your company is on-side with all the essential conditions required in the foreign workers and employment contract.

If Service Canada refuses the pre-approval request that you have made, then DON’T recruit. If the Service Canada’s decision is not satisfactory, we work with you so as to reposition and resubmit your request. We will scrutinize and provide any additional information or documents that may be required to reverse the decision.

After receiving a positive LMO, immigration provide a copy of this confirmation letter to every foreign worker whom you recruit. Also, advise these workers to apply for a work permit and temporary resident visa.

Filing an LMO request can be a tedious task for a company new to the foreign worker program, and the entire process can be complicated. The success of your LMO request depends on your LMO application, and this is the reason why expert legal guidance is advised. Choose our dynamic immigration lawyers and take advantage of our extensive Canada immigration experience and effective legal solutions.

We provide exclusive legal services to Canadian and Indian firms in hiring foreign workers for Canadian positions. We also handle immigration applications for foreign worker batches that international firms have to move back and forth between India and Canada.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers work diligently to meet our clients’ immigration goals. Call us today to get detailed assistance with the entire LMO process.


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