How To Apply For A Temporary Resident Visa in Canada?

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How To Apply For A Temporary Resident Visa in Canada?

How To Apply For A Temporary Resident Visa in Canada?Are you planning to visit your friend or relative in Canada? If yes, you must fulfill the requirements needed to file a temporary resident visa application. Though visitors are always welcomed, there are still some prerequisites that are not at all easy to achieve. It’s advised to go through all the terms and conditions to prevent any future hassles.

Procedure To File A Temporary Resident Visa

If you are an applicant who is seeking an entry to Canada with a temporary resident visa, then make sure all the forms are filled correctly. Arrange all the original and photocopy versions of the necessary documents in order. The applicant should convince the immigration officer that he/she will obviously leave the country before or by the end of the visa period.

You must satisfy the immigration official about the truth that you have an employment opportunity or job in your own country. It is advised to provide the relevant employment certificates that indicate you are currently working and prosperous in your own country. This will compel them to believe you will go back to your own nation.

To stay on a safer side, you can show the correct address of your friend or relative with whom you’ll meet and stay within Canada. Though this will not convince the official, still he’ll come to know that you are really going to visit your near and dear one. Once the immigration official is convinced, the next thing you need to do is to show the ownership proof of an immovable property which you have in your own country. This will greatly improve your chances of getting a Canadian temporary resident visa.

When Does A Visa Application Gets Rejected?

  • If you are from a banned, unstable, or impoverished country.
  • If your previous application for a Temporary Resident Visa was rejected.

In both of the above situations, your chances of getting a temporary visa or visitor visa approved are quite rare. To prevent any complex situations or chances of getting a rejection, it is advised to consult expert immigration lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers, Ludhiana.