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Are you applying for higher studies in USA, Canada, Australia or UK? If yes, surfing the Internet is not just the ideal way to know about the procedures and policies of seeking an admission in a foreign university. There are a lot more things that can be fulfilled with the assistance of a professional.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we listen and solve the admission queries students generally have regarding filling the application forms, completing and sending them. We take utmost care while applying for admission process as even a smallest mistakes or error can lead to rejection. Also, we make every possible effort to ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission process.

What Includes Our Admission Guidance Process?

Our admission counselors educate the students at every step of the way so that they won’t face any issues while applying for a study program in another country. With the right presentation and documentation, we ensure an error-free application filing process. Our process includes:

  • Providing the students with the Application Form of the college or university they have selected.
  • Giving an entire list of the documents and certificated needed to be attached and fill the details.
  • Making the students understand and know the exact procedure for filling up the admission form.
  • Preparing the detailed documents such as the statement of purpose, recommendation letter & resume.
  • Sending the completely filled admission application online or via fax or post.
  • Tracking the proper delivery of your admission application to the desired university or college.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, our education counselors give special attention to your admission with a well-presented and error-free application. We assist our students with references and all the paperwork done without any mistakes. If you are looking for abroad admission guidance in Ludhiana, come straightaway to us.