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All You Need to Know About the New Regional Pilot Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs by British Columbia

There's a good news for immigrant entrepreneurs! Recently, British Columbia has announced a new immigration pilot program for foreign entrepreneurs to smaller communities around the province. This two-year program known as the Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot will launch in early 2019. In this pilot, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) will collaborate with regional communities of less than 75,000 people to welcome foreign entrepreneurs to start businesses and create jobs. To get eligible for the program, communities must be located more than 30 kilometers away from an urban area of over 75,000 people. This initiative is intended to maximize...

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Rising Study Permit Refusal Rates Make it Difficult for International Students to Enter Canada

Canada is making it tougher for International students to enter Canada. Admission to a university, college or school is not proving to be any saving grace. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) study permit rejection rates are rising. From an application refusal rate of 24.3{d624a71c40f7f821b66cf2e0e37f1221325a07122cb62ee0d50962a819c1ae6f} in 2012, the sharp spike to 34.6{d624a71c40f7f821b66cf2e0e37f1221325a07122cb62ee0d50962a819c1ae6f} is astounding, to say the least. Increasing Numbers of Students The rejection rate is remarkably coinciding with the increasing demand for Canadian education across the world. As of 2018, Canada ranks as the fourth most popular international study destination in the world. At the end of 2017, over 500,000 international students were...

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Does Having Sibling in Canada Help In Fast Tracking Your PR Application

Do you have a sibling residing in Canada? Did you know that having siblings who live in Canada gives you a significant advantage when you apply for permanent residency? Well, that is a less known but highly effective tool which can help your permanent residency application gain more points. How are CRS points calculated in the Express Entry System? In your application for permanent residency which is managed through the Express Entry System, Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) plays a big role. In fact, all the applicants in the Express Entry pool are ranked in the order of CRS points. If you happen...

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