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Latest Changes to the Canada’s International Student Program Effective June 2014

Canada is a leading destination for international students. Every year, the maple country welcomes thousands of international students from many countries. However, Canadian authorities are always on their toes to filter out the fraudulent candidates from genuine ones. This is vital to maintain Canada’s reputation as a respected international education destination. June 2014 Changes to International Students Program New immigration rules will become effective from June 1, 2014. These include: Study visas will be issued to genuine students who will be enrolled in a designated learning institution. These designated institutions are recognized by territories and provinces as per their minimum qualifying standards. ...

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How To Choose Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

During the immigration process, there is a lot of paperwork that can make you feel overwhelmed as soon as you start preparing your immigration forms – no matter the country. This is when immigration lawyers in Chandigarh come to rescue. There are good reasons to hire a Chandigarh immigration lawyer to handle your case. Selecting the right attorney can make a huge difference in obtaining a green card for Canada. If your immigration situation is complex, or if you lack the time or confidence to prepare the forms on your own, you might benefit from the help of a professional. Before you...

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