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5 Popular Canadian Visa Types Immigrants Should Know

Immigration in Canada is only possible if one is able to obtain a ‘Canadian Immigration Visa’ under one of the categories set out by the government. Nowadays, there are various programmes for immigrants through which they can choose to qualify so as to settle in Canada. Immigration lawyers in the Chandigarh area can help you with the entire process along with its pre-requisites if you are planning to get an immigration visa to Canada. Following are some types of Canadian visas which every immigrant, should know about: Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)- This is tailored by the Canadian provinces in their unique...

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The 6 Best Scholarships in Canada Every Student Wishes to Secure

Every year thousands of Indian students go to Canada for higher education. Canada offers some of the best universities of the world with a myriad of courses and qualifications. While studying abroad has its own perks, the fees however, are too high for an average Indian student. In order to bring the cost of post-secondary education in Canada within their reach, a lot of students try to go for scholarships that are accepted by various educational institutions in Canada. These scholarships enable the deserving students to attend Canada’s best colleges and universities. Some of these scholarships are: Academic Scholarships – Academic...

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